Medical Grade LN2

What is medical grade LN2?

Liquid nitrogen for cryotherapy and cryosurgery is an Ethical Drug, "Ethical: a drug that in accordance with Federal Legislation does not require a prescription, but that is generally prescribed by a medical practitioner."

Why use liquid nitrogen/what is it for?

Liquid nitrogen best treatment for common warts: "In the study, published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the most effective treatment for common warts was cryotherapy, using liquid nitrogen applied by a doctor every two weeks."

"I think this study does suggest that treating warts earlier is better than treating a wart later, [Dr. Jason Rivers, a clinical professor at the University of British Columbia] said. If you look at cryotherapy for common wart, it's 83 per cent success rate if the wart was there less than six months, and it dropped down to 33 per cent for more than six months."

- Cryosurgery for Common Skin Conditions " Cryosurgery is a highly effective treatment for a broad range of benign skin problems."

"Benign skin lesions that are suitable for freezing include actinic keratosis, solar lentigo, seborrheic keratosis, viral wart, molluscum contagiosum, and dermatofibroma. Cryosurgery requires little time and fits easily into the physician’s office schedule. Advantages of this treatment include a short preparation time, low risk of infection, and minimal wound care. In addition, cryosurgery requires no expensive supplies or injectable anesthesia, and the patient does not have to return for suture removal."

"Over the past 50 years, much experience has been gained in the use of cryosurgery to treat skin lesions. The cotton-tipped dipstick method of liquid nitrogen application has been popular in the management of common benign lesions. However, this method is being supplanted by liquid nitrogen spray techniques. Liquid nitrogen spray equipment is easy to use, and similar techniques can be employed to manage benign, premalignant, and malignant lesions."

Benefits of Medical Grade LN

All medical grade gases are produced, tested and controlled according to the highest industry standards. Liquid nitrogen provides temperatures as low as -196°C and it can be used for cryobiology and cryotherapy. The low temperature is used in cryoconservation for the long term preservation of blood, blood components, other cells, body fluids or tissue samples. In cryosurgery, medical nitrogen can be used, for example, for minor surgical procedures such as the obliteration of warts in dermatology Why use medical grade over industrial Traceability – audit trail tracing the drug from manufacture to end users. Quality – Evaluated and authorized for sale in Canada by Health Canada as an ethical drug for human use. Control – handled according to internationally attested standards: tested according to Natural Formulary (NF) standard, handled by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) trained personnel in Health Canada licensed facilities.

Risks of not using medical grade Liquid Nitrogen

Risks of using industrial, violation of regulations Industrial nitrogen is not licensed as a drug for human use. Industrial nitrogen is not manufactured and tested according to medical nitrogen standards. Industrial nitrogen does not provided traceability and quality control.